Unconventional Thanksgiving Leftovers: Tacos de Pavo y Papa

Featured Post on: November 23, 2010 This year we’re going to a potluck dinner so I won’t be cooking the bird! But in case you were wondering what to do with your leftovers, here’s a tasty trick, more scrumptious than a cold turkey and mayo sandwhich! xogabriela  —————————– No argument, Thanksgiving is the quintessential soul-feeding, … Continue reading

Flan de Calabaza for Thanksgiving, Better than Pumpkin Pie!

{Featured Content: November 8, 2010} I’ve found that flan is one of those desserts that people either absolutely relish or absolutely despise. Those of you who love it need no convincing. But those of you who gag at the idea of sticky-sweet caramelized sugar atop a rich eggy custard, I swear that your distaste for flan will vanish … Continue reading