Las Bebidas: Sangria Mexicana

Sangria Mexicana simpler than the Spanish Sangria you might be used to, Mexican Sangria is essentially sparkling limeade and red wine.

Las Bebidas: Agua de Yerba Buena (Mint Water)

Minty fresh! Maybe it’s a little bit of curandera in me or maybe it’s just the summer heat, but there’s something about drinking mint water that makes my mouth and spirit feel oh-so-clean. For centuries Curanderos and abuelitas (“grandmothers”) across the Americas have used this herb to cure a variety of stomach illnesses and spiritual … Continue reading

Ensalada de Betabel* y Yerba Buena: A Summer version of Mexican Beet Salad

Mexican food is more than fish tacos and bean and cheese burritos. Don’t get me wrong, the fried and spicy Cal-Mex and Tex-Mex versions of traditional dishes are tasty, but they don’t fully and fairly represent the Mexican menu. Traditional Mexican beet salads usually compliment the subtle sweetness of beets with savory queso fresco, onions, … Continue reading