Contemporary Aguas Frescas from Food52

It’s been a busy summer here in nyc!  Selling flowers, having bbqs, marching in parades and hanging out with family and friends! I’ve been happy and havin’ fun running around the city for the past two months with my adorable little brother, who’d been sleeping on our couch! Now that he’s back fishin’ and writing poetry in Olympia, WA I … Continue reading

Tomatoes, Tomates para Salsa Huevona…

… Salsa Cruda, Salsa Fresca, Salsa Picada, Salsa Bandera o Pico de Gallo. So many name and variations for one type of salsa! This rendition of Salsa Huevona, literally the lazy man’s salsa,  requires a tad bit more time with the knife than most other recipes. Usually a cook will dice the pepper about the same … Continue reading

Lenguada (Sole) á la Gabriela

We’re all aware that Julie & Julia has resulted in the sale of a gazillion and one copies of Mastering the Art of French Cooking …. but has anyone kept track of the sale of fresh sole or whole ducks?  I’d never thought to toss Sole into my grocery basket until I saw Mrs. Child’s … Continue reading