Char Siu Tacos: A Mexi-Asian Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo isn’t an obligatory Mexican holiday, it is, however, a good excuse to invite friends over for homemade aguas frescas and tacos. Lately I’ve been craving the taste of Los Angeles so I am making some Kogi Truck inspired, Mexican-Chinese fusion tacos and aguas frescas for my Cinco de Mayo meal. A few … Continue reading

Carne Adovada (kinda).

Text message to Alex from P in So Cal: “What would you do with a few pounds of tomatillos. I bought some for really cheap.” Alex forwarded it to me. My reply to Alex: “Omg! a million things!” As a girl whose culinary passion is Authentic Mexican I was tremendously envious of P’s tomatillo bargain. An … Continue reading

Guilty but undeniable pleasures: Torta de Carnitas and Bud Light.

    Alex and I are purging our refrigerator and freezer. We’re moving to a bigger and better apartment so we’re trying our best to avoid packing and especially wasting any food. I naturally cook for an army and buy meat in bulk slash on-sale, which results in a freezer full of random portions, leftovers and slabs … Continue reading