Sopaipillas, a New Mexican specialty,  are a treat I make whenever I’m missing home. My grandmother only made them during Lent, but if I had a craving any other time of year I could  stop by almost any neighborhood restaurant for my fix. Although fried, good sopaipillas are not greasy, they are slightly crisp on … Continue reading

How to make Albondigas, a matter of taste or Z knows best?

{Follow my blog with bloglovin} Last week as we sat down to a four course meal our dinner guests exclaimed, “Alex, what a lucky guy, Gabriela feeds you well!”  To which I swiftly replied, “He doesn’t eat this way every night. Pobrecito, he ate albondigas for breakfast, lunch and dinner all week long – I was recipe … Continue reading

Dia de Los Muertos

I hope you are enjoying Dia de Los Muertos and remembering your loved ones who have passed. Here are some photos of Alex, my best friend Gabi and I painted as  calacas this past weekend. We painted our faces and Gabi and I adorned our hair with homemade paper flowers.  For more on Dia de Los Muertos visit … Continue reading