The Mexican Parade, NYC Celebrates El Bicentenario

Last Sunday Alex and I were two among thousands of Mexican-Americans (mostly immigrants) who gathered to watch the 16th annual Mexican Parade in New York City. Yes, contrary to popular belief Mexican culture is flourishing on the East Coast of the U.S. too! Vendors walked around hocking flags, cotton candy, churros –tres por dos pesos-, … Continue reading

mexico lindo y quierido: celebrating the bicentennial of mexican independence

Americans commonly mistake Cinco de Mayo, the day that commemorates the Mexican Victory over the French in Puebla (1862), for Mexican Independence day (1810). Cinco de Mayo has become an American holiday synonymous with Mariachis, Margaritas, Corona beer and Americanized Mexican food like jalapeño studded nachos and cheese smothered burritos. However, real Mexican Independence Celebrations … Continue reading