La Comida de La Calle: Mango

Every day durning the summer Mexican Street vendors sell sliced mango, piña  y melón along 116th and 125th Street in Harlem. No street vendors around to cut your mango for you? No problema. I like my mango a la carte served at the pinnacle of it’s ripeness.  So ripe that it teeters on the edge of … Continue reading

Early Morning Measures: Yogurt Delight

  I’m going to give you some grocery shopping advice, ready? ALWAYS be willing to splurge on Organic Whole Milk Plain Cream-on-top Yogurt. It is ALWAYS worth the extra $1.50 -$2.00 you spend on a 32 ounce container ($4.69 total).  You’ll never go back to those artificially flavored and sweetened yogurt impostors.  This isn’t a recipe, … Continue reading

Early Morning Measures: Sweet & Sour Smoothie

  I absolutely despise discovering once perfect produce at the back of my fridge or bottom of my fruit basket gone bad simply because I ignored it or didn’t make an effort to use it. A few more days and rot is what would have become of a almost overly ripe mango (lefover from a picnic at a time when it wasn’t … Continue reading