Guilty but undeniable pleasures: Torta de Carnitas and Bud Light.

    Alex and I are purging our refrigerator and freezer. We’re moving to a bigger and better apartment so we’re trying our best to avoid packing and especially wasting any food. I naturally cook for an army and buy meat in bulk slash on-sale, which results in a freezer full of random portions, leftovers and slabs … Continue reading

Meal Remix: Southwestern Eggs

Remix- 1 cup Calabacitas New Ingredients- 4 Eggs, Salt, pepper, Parmesan cheese. Break 4 eggs in bowl and mix thoroughly. Add pinch of salt and pepper. Set aside. Heat 1 teaspoon olive oil in cast iron skillet or non-stick pan on medium heat. Add ½ cup Calabacitas, heat for 1 minute, stirring so the vegetables … Continue reading

Meal Remix: Tostadas & Tacos Fritos

For Lunch or a Quick Dinner Remix- Remaining Calabacitas, Chicken and/or Papas Habañeros. Plus any remaining Tortillas, Salad Dressing, Tortillas, Cilantro and Salad. Heat ¼ cup olive oil in frying pan on medium-high heat. DO NOT ALLOW OIL TO BURN. Fry one corn tortilla at a time, flipping them as they begin to puff a … Continue reading