Pollo a la Crema con Quelites a la Bayless (my way)

Rick Bayless is undoubtedly the most well-known proponent of Mexican cuisine in the U.S. Thanks to his research and documentation of authentic Mexican recipes more Americans have become comfortable adding Mexican fare to their everyday menu. Sure, there are other talented chefs and experts in the field of Authentic Mexican cooking, including Barbara Hansen, Diana … Continue reading

Pollo: Cilantro Lime Chicken

After we’re done with big city life you can bet that Alex and I will live on a nice piece of land and raise some happy chickens. I’ll name my egg-laying hens Pancha and Lupe and Nena. We’ll call the rooster Vato. And then there’ll be the chickens that we just call Almuerzo (lunch).  The … Continue reading

Frijolitos Pintos (Pinto Beans)

I’d never tasted canned beans until I moved outta my mama’s house. My family always sorted, cooked and served beans fresh off the stove. I learned how to clean beans at my grandma’s kitchen table where it was my grandpa’s job to remove the out-of-place pebbles and malformed frijoles. In undergrad when Alex and I … Continue reading