Dia de Los Muertos

I hope you are enjoying Dia de Los Muertos and remembering your loved ones who have passed. Here are some photos of Alex, my best friend Gabi and I painted as  calacas this past weekend. We painted our faces and Gabi and I adorned our hair with homemade paper flowers.  For more on Dia de Los Muertos visit … Continue reading

How to Make Paper Flowers: A Crafty Recipe for Day of the Dead

In celebration of Día de Los Muertos, here is a recipe for making paper flowers. It’s dedicated to my grandma Ida (pictured below) who made so many for countless weddings and family celebrations. You can check out this post and other Day of the Dead related activities on Spanglish Baby! xogabriela *** *** *** *** … Continue reading

Flan de Calabaza for Thanksgiving, Better than Pumpkin Pie!

{Featured Content: November 8, 2010} I’ve found that flan is one of those desserts that people either absolutely relish or absolutely despise. Those of you who love it need no convincing. But those of you who gag at the idea of sticky-sweet caramelized sugar atop a rich eggy custard, I swear that your distaste for flan will vanish … Continue reading