Lo Siento means I’m sorry

I owe my readers the sincerest of apologies. I set a deadline for the re-launch of Gabriela’s Kitchen, announced it and then didn’t follow through! I have (several) good ideas as to why I’m so behind. Perhaps it’s a result of my web designer moonlighting as a second year law student at an Ivy. Or maybe … Continue reading

Ensalada Guanajuato

This  may be the only time you hear of me (admitting to) using canned beans (eeek!). Hey, it’s been uncomfortably hot and disgustingly humid.  I still stand by my claim that fresh beans are always better, especially when properly cooked, but there’s just no way I was steaming up my kitchen with hours of boiling four different … Continue reading

Carne Adovada (kinda).

Text message to Alex from P in So Cal: “What would you do with a few pounds of tomatillos. I bought some for really cheap.” Alex forwarded it to me. My reply to Alex: “Omg! a million things!” As a girl whose culinary passion is Authentic Mexican I was tremendously envious of P’s tomatillo bargain. An … Continue reading