2 Responses to “molcajete”
  1. Shanti says:

    I’m so happy to find your site! All your recipes are reminding me of my Chicana grandmother’s amazing cooking and our family’s Christmas tamale parties. And now I am inspired to recreate her delicious food. Where can I get a good quality molcajete in NYC that is not too expensive. I’ve seen some really nice ones, but they are $50 and up!

    • gabriellemarielopez says:

      Hi Shanti! I’m glad you found us too! It’s great to hear that you’re bringing back some of the Chicano family traditions of your grandmother, especially the art of tamale making. $50 really isn’t too pricey if the molcajete is high quality and especially if it is pre-seasoned. You can buy a molcajete for around $30 at one of many little Mexican grocers on 116th street in East Harlem. There are a few between 3rd and 1st Avenues, just off the 116th street stop of the 6 train. Thanks for saying hello and I hope to hear about the recreations of your grandmothers dishes!

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