The one thing we could not cook without is our cast iron pan.  Get one.  Get three.  We have a small, medium and large, plus a cast iron comal.  These constitute more than half of our our cooking pans (in addition we have a single regular non-stick pan and two large pots).

The biggest advantage to the cast iron is that it heats evenly and therefore has a much larger cooking surface than a regular pan.  (It also saves flavor and cooks iron into your food).  A good thick copper-bottom pan is just fine.  

If you do not have access to either, a regular pan will work for most recipes.  But we highly recommend you visit a thrift store near you and invest the 8 bucks in a sturdy cast iron.

Beyond the cast iron, everything else we have in our kitchen is fairly standard.

One Response to “Utensils”
  1. margot says:

    p.s. i am so jealous you can use cast iron cookware. that’s the worst part about my apartment – electric (glass top) stove. sigh.

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