When we came to New York, we left most of our beloved kitchen supplies behind.  Since last July we have been slowly building our kitchen back up, these are the necessities.


The one thing we could not cook without is our cast iron pan.  Get one.  Get three.  We have a small, medium and large, plus a cast iron comal.  These constitute more than half of our our cooking pans (in addition we have a single regular non-stick pan and two large pots).

The biggest advantage to the cast iron is that it heats evenly and therefore has a much larger cooking surface than a regular pan.  (It also saves flavor and cooks iron into your food).  A good thick copper-bottom pan is just fine.

If you do not have access to either, a regular pan will work for most recipes.  But we highly recommend you visit a thrift store near you and invest the 8 bucks in a sturdy cast iron.

Beyond the cast iron, everything else we have in our kitchen is fairly standard.


One Response to “Supplies”
  1. Rocio Penagos says:

    Hola Gabriela.
    Agradeceré mucho me proporciones una dirección de correo a donde te pueda enviar un preview del calendario gastronómico 2011, el cual incluye imágenes de ingredientes, utensilios y tradiciones de la cocina mexicana y estamos seguros te va a gustar mucho.
    Muchas gracias y saludos.
    Para tu referencia, búscalo en facebook como: Todo de México-Gráfica Gastronómica.

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