How did you learn to cook, why Mexican food?
As a child I was always allowed to help in the kitchen where I learned the basics and traditional New Mexican recipes from my grandma, mom and madrina. I have learned lots more from studying cookbooks and spending endless hours in the kitchen on my own. I believe and advocate self-education. I am currently being mentored by one of the most fabulous women I have ever met, chef and cookbook author Zarela Martinez. If you really want to learn about Mexican food and culture check out one of her books or visit her site, she writes as lovely as she speaks and her recipes are well researched!

What kind of camera do you use?
I am a loyal lover of all things Canon. I use a Canon Powershot SX210 IS for quick on-the-go photos and HD video and Alex (sometimes me) uses his Canon Rebel T1i for most featured photos and video. We like them because they not only take brilliant photos but are very user friendly. Also, remember that a camera is only as good as the light in the room, we try our best to shoot with natural light.

Who designed your logo and site?

My very talented boyfriend Alex did! He’s available for small freelance graphic design projects, just email us at gabrielaskitchen(at)gmail.com with your request

Will you do a guest post / test a recipe / write an article ?
I love sharing my work! I can recipe test for you and will write freelance articles and recipes. Fees may apply and vary per request. Please email me at gabrielaskitchen(at)gmail.com and we can work out the details.

May I repost your writing or photograph on my blog or website?
Yes, you may repost but only if you ask first. You must also clearly attribute our work and link back to our site.

What are you doing in New York?
I’m here working at a Museum in Special Projects and Special Events. One of the best parts of my job involves tastings and selecting menus at premier nyc venues. I consider myself a very lucky girl. Alex is currently in his last year at law school, he plans on going into government service.

Do you know how to cook anything besides Mexican food?
Yup. I have a deep interest in French technique and food as well as a huge desire to learn some authentic regional Chinese cuisine. I hope to have mastered dozens of traditions and style of cooking by the time I’m seventy-five…

Where else can I find Mexican and Latino recipes?
Please visit my page online resources & friends for a full list of Mexican and Latino food websites that I love.

What’s your favorite cookbook?
My favorite cookbooks tend to also read like novels. My top two favorites are Food from My Heart by Zarela Martinez and Frida’s Fiestas by Marie-Pierre Colle and Guadalupe Rivera. For more recommended cookbooks click here.

Where should I eat when I’m visiting New York?
When it comes to eating a “nice” meal I’d rather cook than eat out any day. The food that Alex and I go out for is hole-in-the wall stuff that seems to be impossible to replicate. For pizza we love Koronet on the 110th and Broadway. For quick Chinese dumplings, sesame pancake duck sandwiches and spicy wontons we go to Vanessa’s Dumpling’s in Chinatown. I also highly recommend Spoonbread for soul food and Dinosaur for BBQ in Harlem and quesadillas from the street vendor on 116th and 1st Avenue in East Harlem for a authentic Mexican fix.

Did you always love food and cooking this much?
Yes, but I only realized how profound this passion was when I moved to New York two and a half years ago.  As a Studio Art major in college I used food products as art material in many projects. The one I’m most proud of is a piece that utilized enough caramelized sugar to make 1,000 flans.

6 Responses to “F.A.Q.”
  1. Mary Elizabeth Roarke says:

    I am VERY interested in seeing if you would like your recipe for Biscochitos published in my upcoming Random House cookbook.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Happy New Year!
    Mary Elizabeth

  2. Wow, love that caramelized sugar piece! Girl, I didn’t know what you were up to at Pomona!

    • gabriellemarielopez says:

      Thanks Shadiah, it was a bit heartbreaking throwing it away…but I guess it was art the way food is art. to be enjoyed, consumed and ephemeral. I only wish I had better photos of it.

    • gabriellemarielopez says:

      P.S. Just clicked on your link, great site 🙂

  3. Hello Gabriela,
    Let me first tell you that I stumbled upon your web site. I googled “flor de calabaza” and was very impressed with your site. We have a small company in Texas and specialize in dried peppers. We are also currently promoting flor de calabaza with our brand “Lupitas”. Granted ours is in a jar and not as fresh as the ones you have pictured in your blog, but we think it hold its own considering the short shelf life the flor de calabaza has.
    We would be willing to send you a sample of our product if you so desired.
    Best regards,
    Felix Chavero

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