Char Siu Tacos: A Mexi-Asian Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo isn’t an obligatory Mexican holiday, it is, however, a good excuse to invite friends over for homemade aguas frescas and tacos. Lately I’ve been craving the taste of Los Angeles so I am making some Kogi Truck inspired, Mexican-Chinese fusion tacos and aguas frescas for my Cinco de Mayo meal. A few … Continue reading

Tomatoes, Tomates para Salsa Huevona…

… Salsa Cruda, Salsa Fresca, Salsa Picada, Salsa Bandera o Pico de Gallo. So many name and variations for one type of salsa! This rendition of Salsa Huevona, literally the lazy man’s salsa,  requires a tad bit more time with the knife than most other recipes. Usually a cook will dice the pepper about the same … Continue reading