Mexican Hot Chocolate, An Abuelita Treat

It’s 38 degrees out, but it feels like 28. Last week’s snow is this week’s sleet. So why not indulge in a Mexican hot chocolate treat? (I swear the rhyme was an accident…) a cup of abuelita chocolate It’s the best way I know to beat the rainy Tuesday blues. So whip out your molinillo, if you … Continue reading

arroz con leche, rice pudding inspired by abuelas

I have a confession to make. I have an addiction to competition. The need to succeed is a wonderful thing but sometimes it distracts us from our real passions and aspirations. For the past month I’ve been allowing my desire to win a food52 contest consume me (along with a lot of sangria, biscochitos, flan, … Continue reading

Biscochitos: traditional new mexican christmas cookies

Featured Content: November 29, 2010 … Just in time for “biscochito season” this year! I’m counting down the days until Alex, Boli and I hop on a plane and make the full-day journey back West. We couldn’t have chose a better time to visit since Christmas in New Mexico is the most enchanting and belly-satisfying … Continue reading