Plantains, Plátanos and the Puerto Rican Day Parade

When I moved from New Mexico to Southern California I was introduced to new-to-me Chicano and Mexican-American food (different than New Mexican grub, but that’s a topic for another time). It was in Pomona, California that I became extremely attached to my Mexican grocery stores, fully equipped with in-house tortillerias that not only made fresh tortillas … Continue reading

La Comida de La Calle: Mango

Every day durning the summer Mexican Street vendors sell sliced mango, piña  y melón along 116th and 125th Street in Harlem. No street vendors around to cut your mango for you? No problema. I like my mango a la carte served at the pinnacle of it’s ripeness.  So ripe that it teeters on the edge of … Continue reading

La Comida de la Calle: Elote

If you’re lucky enough to live near 116th Street in Harlem or in East L.A. or even near Bridge Boulevard in Burque you’ll find a Paletero man, an Elote Man and a make-shift  taco stand on any given summer day.   (Please skip the $7 Elote appetizer at Mexican restaurants. FYI, “chipotle aioli” is just mayo. … Continue reading