Dia de Los Muertos

I hope you are enjoying Dia de Los Muertos and remembering your loved ones who have passed. Here are some photos of Alex, my best friend Gabi and I painted as  calacas this past weekend. We painted our faces and Gabi and I adorned our hair with homemade paper flowers.  For more on Dia de Los Muertos visit Spanglish Baby for my post on Pan de Muerto (and other great ways to celebrate!) another by Lesley Tellez , an article by Zarela Martinez as well as a post by Muy Bueno Cookbook  and The Other Side of the Tortilla.





8 Responses to “Dia de Los Muertos”
  1. Emma Gray says:

    Hello Gabriela. I love your make up, it’s fabulous. I have an unusual request. I am making a small movie, would you be open to talking about using one of these images in my movie? I would provide you with all details if you are at all open to this!

    • gabriellemarielopez says:

      thanks! alex even won the costume contest at Zarela’s! the prize was fitting…a bottle of jalapeño tequila!

  2. Your makeup looks GREAT!!! Thanks for sharing our link!

    Un abrazo!!!

  3. Eliana says:

    WOW – you guys look super fly!!!

  4. gloria says:

    Hi Gabriela, awesome, just awesome. I did a small tribute to my family. I’ve been doing them for three years now and sometime I feel like NOT doing them, but something inside tells me I have too.
    I love the way you all painted yourselves. Stop by my El Dia Post. Take care.

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