Gabriela’s Kitchen

Mexican Cookery, Frida's Fiestas, Authentic Mexican, Nourishing Traditions and a Bread cookbook (for good measure)

Mexican Cookery, Authentic Mexican, Frida's Fiestas, Nourishing Traditions and a Bread cookbook (for good measure)

A few weeks ago a dear friend said to me, as dear friends do: “There’s already a bazillion food blogs in the universe . . . [it’s like] spitting into the wind.”

How encouraging.  Sigh.  My feelings were a little hurt but she had a point.

So I haven’t been posting, I’ve just been cooking and eating, conversing and contemplating while slowly surrendering to a passion that is all too obvious…

Every trip to the market produces a basket full of blue corn tortillas, mangos, beans, bunches of cilantro and epazote. The comments I leave on my fellow food bloggers’ recipes say things like, “Yum! Pepitas [pumpkin seeds] in a cake! I think pricking this cake then drizzling it with sweetened condensed milk+ evaporated milk+ heavy cream would make for a unique rendition of TRES LECHES…” And if you’ve been following Gabriela’s Kitchen you’ve noticed that more than half the recipes are Mexican or Mexican inspired.

So here you have it:

Gabriela’s Kitchen: Authentic Mexican and Latin Inspired Home Cooking

For semi-gourmet and simply delicious recipes I direct you to sites like the kitchn, 101 Cookbooks and Smitten Kitchen. They do what they do oh-so-well!

But if you are looking for a little traditional Latin spice, please allow me to share my profound love for  the simple depth of Mexican and Latin Inspired Home Cooking as I re-launch this site in the next few weeks.

As always, we love dinner guests and we hope to see you soon!  xogabriela

8 Responses to “Gabriela’s Kitchen”
  1. rebecca says:

    it’s not spitting into the wind… your blog is really beautiful, gabi! just sent it to another friend who i know would appreciate it. keep it up!

    • gabriellemarielopez says:

      Thanks for the encouraging words and support Rebecca! The “wind spitting” comment” although discouraging helped me focus my efforts- we all need a critic, right?

      Let us know if you’re ever in NYC, we love having PO dinner parties for out-of-town guests. xogaby

  2. alison says:

    first — there are never enough food blogs! Food and cooking are such intimate things and they way people think about and create food is often so different and fascinating!

    second — A Latin and Mexican cooking is awesome — and I can’t wait to read more!!

    • gabriellemarielopez says:

      Thanks Alison…I definitely agree with you. I guess my intimate creations are Mexican and Latin inspired… it feels good to have “direction.”

  3. Michael Lopez says:

    ¿Puedo recomendar una receta de helado frito?

  4. Nat says:

    wow Latin! I never thought of that. Can’t wait:)

  5. SarahKate says:

    What a great idea! Latin cooking is our favourite so I will be looking forward to following along.

  6. margot says:

    i’m excited! i think this is a cuisine that serves both jonah and mine’s diets fairly well, or is certainly easily adaptable. we both love the flavor profiles (although that boy is a wimp when it comes to heat/spice). i look forward to the re-launch!

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