Guilty but undeniable pleasures: Torta de Carnitas and Bud Light.



Classy, right?

Classy, right?

Alex and I are purging our refrigerator and freezer. We’re moving to a bigger and better apartment so we’re trying our best to avoid packing and especially wasting any food.

I naturally cook for an army and buy meat in bulk slash on-sale, which results in a freezer full of random portions, leftovers and slabs of meat.  These are the contents of my freezer as of Sunday, April 26, 2009: three half-gallon containers of chicken stock, one seven pound chicken, one pint of cooked carnitas, two quart size bags of New Mexico Green Chile, three one pound chunks of boneless pork chops, a smoked ham hock, a half bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips and a half bag of white chocolate morsels. My fridge was even sparser; I pretty much just had a bunch of Spinach, half a red onion, eggs, goat cheese, extra sharp cheddar and heavy cream (plus condiments of course).

Ah-ha! Tortas!

A quick trip around the corner to Appletree Market and a dollar later I had two Portuguese Dinner Rolls. This bread, slightly crispy on the outside and pillow-soft on the inside, would be perfect for my rendition of a Mexican Torta.

I defrosted the carnitas and cooked them in my cast-iron pan until slightly crisp. I brushed the rolls with a little olive oil, placed them on my very hot comal to toast their tops and then cut them open length-wise.  I washed and chopped some spinach and sliced the red onion. I spread mayonnaise mixed with red chili powder on the inside of the rolls. Finally I filled each roll with heaps of carnitas and a garnish of red onion, spinach and a slice of extra sharp cheddar.

Alex had dash to Appletree, again, for two 24 ounce cans of Bud-light. There’s nothing better than a nice cold generic light beer with a Torta.
If I could do it again and was on a less stringent budget I’d buy some avocados to mash and a lime to squeeze into the sandwiches, nonetheless, we were both very full and very happy at the end of this meal.

3 Responses to “Guilty but undeniable pleasures: Torta de Carnitas and Bud Light.”
  1. Jing says:

    As long as there’s carne asada or carnitas in the tacos, I leave the rest up to you!

  2. Jing says:

    I like the new layout! Can I come cook with you guys once you move in to the new apartment? Not having a kitchen is killing me and not having eaten tacos in a year is killing me more. Two birds with one stone?

    • gabriellemarielopez says:

      Thanks. Um. Of course! Post-May 18th (afteralexfinishfinals) I’ll have a kitchen table + all of my pots and pans at the new place. Tacos it is, plus something else from one of my three Mexican cookbooks. Any Mexican cravings?

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